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Hi Typo gurus

I have searched everywhere for a font that I could use for some new signs on old buildings. I have tried to scan it but no websites could automatically identify it. The font is from a building in Lyngby north of Copenhagen, Denmark. Built around 1910.

What makes the font so characteristic is the small "dots" in the middle of all the letters. I guess they used the "dots" for fixing the font to the facade.

Any help is much appreciated.

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The typeface is inspired by victorian era lettering from 19th century. According to operina.com the typefaces like these were very popular in 19th century but their usage got stopped and they are returning again. You can find fore information on

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Hey Typogruffer

Thank you for quick response. However I can't find any fonts that comes close enough in the book "Examples of modern alphabets" that you linked to. Do you have any other suggestions?

If I could buy the font somewhere that would of course be preferred.

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You could start looking for “tuscan” or “spur” keywords.

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Thank you - I am closing in - still a little too much ornaments on those western fonts..... guess I will have to draw the font myself...

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