Barrowboy Release - App Suggestions?

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I've just released Barrowboy on myfonts. It was inspired by the hand written sales tickets you see on fruit stalls, but I don't think I'll be selling many to market traders! Any marketing suggestions? Polite ones only please!

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For some reason the other thing that jumped to mind when seeing this was playing cards. Perhaps you could mock some up?

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Seems that this would appeal to a number of niche markets, such as

Kid-oriented computer games
Scrapbooking websites

- Herb

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It's a very jazzy font, with the didone structure and the hornlike flaring of the verticals. Perhaps it would serve the interests of electro-swing musicians and other '20s-'30s retro pursuits.

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Reminds me of Betty Boop.


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Makes me think of bodybuilding.

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Like any other product it's helpful to know who your market is. If it's graphic designers, show mockup designs that show the type in it's intended usage.

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Yes, you're right Chris. I've decided to go down the kiddy route (see attached). Thanks HVB. Any other suggestions gratefully received.

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