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With true international grace, ATypI now offers reduced membership rates to those from non-affluent countries. From Mark Batty:

ATypI Policy on Associate Membership
February 18, 2003

ATypI is an international association dedicated to type and typography
worldwide. In recognition of the difficult economic circumstances of many
countries in the world, the Board of Directors of the Association
Typographique Internationale has voted to offer Associate Membership to
individuals at a reduced fee to residents of countries with a Gross Domestic
Product (GDP) per capita (adjusted for Purchasing Power Parity (PPP)) of less
than $14,500. A list of countries whose residents are eligible for this
reduced fee will be made available on the ATypI website and is listed below.
The list will be reviewed periodically based on publicly available figures.
We trust that individuals in the countries that are below the $14,500 index
who are able to afford full membership fees will support ATypI in measure to
their personal economic standing.

Associate members will obtain selected privileges of full ATypI membership,
with am emphasis on those that foster international dialogue, co-operation
and information exchange (e.g. access to the member section of the website
and subscription to the members-only e-mail discussion list). A complete list
of Associate Membership privileges will be available on the website.
Associate members will receive small discounts on conference registration but
they will not receive selected mailings from the Association. In most other
respects, they will be afforded the same benefits as full members.

The Associate Membership fee will be

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