Centrefold Sans Serif

Any idea what font this is?


Could it be Interstate Bold Condensed?
If not I think it's close.

This is a [[http://www.colophon-foundry.org/news/2011/05/36|bespoke typeface commissioned by Studio Baer, designed by Colophon and exclusively done for Centrefold Magazine Issue no.6]]. It has been now released under the name of [[http://www.colophon-foundry.org/fonts/transcript/bold|Transcript Bold]].

Ryuk, it looks like a match but the |G| is different...
Is there an alternative |G|?
or maybe the released font is a bit different.. I don't know

Thanks Ryuk!

Quoted from the same page in my previous post

In early 2011 we decided to re-visit this bespoke typeface and extend it into a single weight release. We present Transcript Bold, a slightly condensed grotesque.

So, I guess this is part of their re-visit (adding a spur to /G and probably some more).