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the sample below shows the first drawings of a typeface named 'eva', done two years ago and left unfinished... until now: i have just rediscovered it, and think to fully develop it to use in a specific project (women-cosmetics visual identity).


i´m not sure about some characters, specially both k's and lc v, y and z...

...some opinions would be of great help!

thanks, gustavo.

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there it goes:


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I love the uppercase Q. It would be nice to see some sample text, as it's easier to spot flaws then... It looks great in my humble opinion though :)

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thanks for the comment, richard, and sorry for taking so long to post the sample text you asked for...

here it is:


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i have studied variations of some lc characters, like f, t, r and y.

but i'm not yet satisfied with the outlines of lc z and k...

besides that, i'm resizing the UC to make the font a little bit more modern and legible at small sizes...


any comments welcome...

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The Y is very upright.. maybe you could follow the angles of the W more instead of the X (I mean just slightly). Is it just me or does the VW seem to be descending too much? And the z is a little too above the H line. I would like to see the uppercase and lowercase interacting some..

Its cool. I like it. especially with the word "fox".

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