Dominican Republic University Diploma Cursive Font

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I'm doing a photoshop job for someone and they want the font from this diploma on something else.
What is the font that was used and where would I be able to get it?


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It’s not anything I’ve seen before, so it may be from a small, obscure or defunct South American or Spanish foundry, probably from the late 1800s; as a result, it may not have been digitized and you won’t be able to get it anywhere. However, I have been wrong before…

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Looks handwritten to me.

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Looks like a font to me.

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As I can't be positive (or even wrong) on the possibly-endless font/not-a-font discussion, I've tried to focus on finding some fonts in the same vein, hoping it'd be helpful if you need some alternatives: Burgues Script, Compendium, His Nibs, Scriptofino, Adagio, Concerto, Zaner, Elegy

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