Epcot LP - an odd-looking Antique Olive

Here’s one that got me curious… A friend sent me a scan of the cover of an old EPCOT Center Official Album. The font looks very much like Antique Olive, but it has some obvious quirks that distinguish it from the typical versions I’ve seen. Does anyone know the origin of this particular version? Is it available in digital form?

epcot lp


The spurless G is the only real similarity I see between this and Antique Olive. Any idea how old this sample is?

MIke, Fontshop credit is OK; my mistake, my memory. It was designed by Tom

The copyright on the cover is 1983. But you really don’t see any further similarity? Certainly the G, but also the t and a few others, and the overall character. To me it looks like Antique Olive with the letter widths all mixed up. But it could certainly be something completely different. Maybe something else by Roger Excoffon? Either way I’m curious to know.

I think it looks more like a typeface called Vellve, although it’s got some obvious differences there too.

A quick skim through the Sans Font ID Guide didn’t find anything too close to these shapes.

The obvious suggestion with a Disney project is that it has probably been customized by their own artists.

Thanks for the effort, Mike. So am I crazy for thinking this is somehow related to Antique Olive? Vellve seems farther off to my eyes. Of course you’re correct to point out that there’s always a possibility of customization with Disney designs.

If you have a fast connection, here’s a link to the entire 3MB scan, with much more text.

Closest I can find is FF Strada but it’s far from an exact match and was designed in 2002 (nearly 20 years after your sample).

Just for your information, Mike. I know you love this things.

Vellve was designed in the sixties by Tom

It looks like a bad photostat of type. Remember it was the early 80’s

Well sure… but even a bad photostat should normally have an identifiable source, no?