HELP... thesis

If someone is willing to contact me directly and i can share the clipped images or recommend a book i can determine them myself either method or both would be great...

2c2.png173.47 KB
3a2.jpg11.58 KB
4b1.pdf771.59 KB
4b2.jpg18.89 KB
4b3.jpg17.31 KB
4c1.jpg32.65 KB
4c2.jpg17.23 KB
5a1.jpg30.87 KB
5a3.jpg8.88 KB
5b1.jpg14.06 KB
5b2.jpg8.52 KB
5c1.jpg14.35 KB
5d1.jpg21.29 KB
5d2.jpg36.73 KB
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The first file 2c2.png is gill sans
and the last 5d3.jpg is Helvetica

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I did it very quickly, so I haven't check all details, but here is a list to begin with:

2c2.png - Gill Sans
3a2.jpg - Helvetica (Bold)
4b1.pdf - Times / Times New Roman
4b2.jpg - ? ? ? (probably a typewriter font)
4b3.jpg - Futura
4c1.jpg - Peignot Condensed Demibold
4c2.jpg - Univers 55 (Bold)
5a1.jpg - Volta Medium by URW
5a3.jpg - Volta Medium by URW
5b1.jpg - ? ? ? (too small to tell)
5b2.jpg - Helvetica Neue (Medium)
5c1.jpg - ? ? ?
5d1.jpg - NewBaskerville (Bold)
5d2.jpg - NewBaskerville (Bold)
5d3.jpg - Helvetica Neue (Medium)

Good luck with your Thesis ;)

I found them using Find my Font -

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Thank you for the tip and the efforts in helping with ID. Much appreciated.

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Very helpful tutorial provided by "fvilanakis"!! I really found that piece of tutorial helpful for me. Thanks for nice contribution. Adrien Mario

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5b1.jpg looks like Times to me!

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