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HELP... thesis

If someone is willing to contact me directly and i can share the clipped images or recommend a book i can determine them myself either method or both would be great...


The first file 2c2.png is gill sans
and the last 5d3.jpg is Helvetica

I did it very quickly, so I haven't check all details, but here is a list to begin with:

2c2.png - Gill Sans
3a2.jpg - Helvetica (Bold)
4b1.pdf - Times / Times New Roman
4b2.jpg - ? ? ? (probably a typewriter font)
4b3.jpg - Futura
4c1.jpg - Peignot Condensed Demibold
4c2.jpg - Univers 55 (Bold)
5a1.jpg - Volta Medium by URW
5a3.jpg - Volta Medium by URW
5b1.jpg - ? ? ? (too small to tell)
5b2.jpg - Helvetica Neue (Medium)
5c1.jpg - ? ? ?
5d1.jpg - NewBaskerville (Bold)
5d2.jpg - NewBaskerville (Bold)
5d3.jpg - Helvetica Neue (Medium)

Good luck with your Thesis ;)

I found them using Find my Font - http://www.findmyfont.com

Thank you for the tip and the efforts in helping with ID. Much appreciated.

Very helpful tutorial provided by "fvilanakis"!! I really found that piece of tutorial helpful for me. Thanks for nice contribution. Adrien Mario

5b1.jpg looks like Times to me!