Basic help please on making personal block print font usable

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I did a sample print / write glyphs in the blocks on a sheet of paper and scan it, send it in, and get back a font. I think I paid a little for the service. Anyway, I've tried to clean it up, but it still looks like it's blotchy from a faulty fountain pen as the sizes change , and stroke thicknesses change out of proportion also. Any help on how to make this a useable font for personal correspondence is welcome.

Notes: I do intend to use small caps as lower case. That's how i print. And a few glyphs may be borrowed since they were not in the form to write - they can be ignored, since they are placeholders and will be removed.

Attached is a sample of a larger test file. Thanks for any help.

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Wrong forum? Miserable hand-printing, not worth commenting on?

The LC is different from the UC. I tried various optimizations or variations from several sample of my printing.

Any suggestions where I could get some help welcome.


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I'm not sure what you are asking- how to do it, technically? Advice on what design corrections are necessary? Also, a better sample would help,as the one you uploaded is very low resolution which does not really let us see what the problems are up close.

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