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VAG Rounded

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Cecile Boucheron's picture
Joined: 30 Oct 2011 - 10:19am
VAG Rounded


Six months ago I joined a tech startup as a User Interface Designer. They've been on the market since 2009 and at the time, they created a logo using VAG Rounded. The logo is still the same today... Five lowercase black letters in VAG Rounded regular, nothing else.

I'd like to know your opinion about this font. Do you find it efficient, fresh, or outdated?


Hrant H Papazian's picture
Joined: 3 May 2000 - 11:00am

Although rounded fonts do seem to be in fashion now in some circles, to me VAG is way too dated. It's a tech company, not a torn-jeans company.

If there's hope to get them to switch I'm sure people can recommend contemporary rounded fonts - that would serve as a form of continuity.


Alex Pankratov's picture
Joined: 24 Nov 2008 - 11:50pm

It's dated I'd say.

There was a Seattle start-up back in 03' or thereabouts that used Vag rounded as a branding font and it was as unusual as it was fresh and friendly. They produced some sort of portable Seattle traffic monitoring gadget. I remember being blown away by how well Vag worked for their purpose as the choice was really quite odd. In fact, it was so impressive that I redrew the numbers and promptly used them in my own app (whether it was appropriate is another question :)).

But in the next few years lots and lots of people started using rounded fonts, including Vag and Omnes, and that diluted their value. Right now I'd say it might still be appropriate to use (heavily) rounded font for a tech logo, but only in specific cases (like a cutesy game development a'la Glitch). They are just too friendly, and so they frequently pass as artificial and fake.

There's nothing wrong with rounded fonts in high-tech application, it's a great way to humanize the brand, but round it too much and there's a good chance to overdo it.

PS. A good example of measured rounding is Geogrotesque.