identification jurassic parc serif

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Hi please could you help me identify the font in this Jurassic park poster which reads,

' An adventure 65 million years in the making'

Its pretty similar to Times new Roman but I'm looking for something with numerics more like this on the poster.
I am almost certain that I have, seen/used it recently but its name has totally escaped me.

many thanks :)
Steve W

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There are many. Here's the closest: (Not sure which came first, the dinosaur or the egg.)
Jurassic Park (Free)

Tambor Inline (Castle Type)

Rainforest Inline (Ray Larabie) This is said by some to be the font originally used for the movie.

Newton Inline (Monotype)
Neuland Inline (Monotype, Rudolph Koch, Font Co., Ascender)

- Herb

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You asked about the serif, and I think it is a Garamond, probably Adobe Garamond.

- Mike Yanega

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