Logo advice - 'op de koffie'

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I've pieced myself a logo together with some letters, now my main concern is; every time I show
someone the logo, they start reading it. While that's a logical approach, the logo was intended to
be a form, a hieroglyphic kind of stamp. Maybe it's my fault for trying to be legible & abstract at
the same time... although I'm not that far away from the answer :)
The way the setup works now is by merging the 'K' & 'E' into the 'O';
because of the letter width compared to the 'I'.
Ah yes before I forget, it should read out 'op de koffie', but placing the 'op de' above the 'koffie'
didn't work out composition wise. Last problem that I'm aware of is the first 'F' being read as
an 'E'.

So if there are any ideas floating around be sure to send them this way :)
Thanks in advance, Matt

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It would invite reading a lot less if the /K/ was much less traditional and more abstracted.

I like this idea, but I think it needs a lot of refinement to achieve what you are proposing. I think having the full name aside from the (more abstracted) mark would be a reasonable solution.

p.s. funny and perhaps inspirational blog: http://experimentalsans.tumblr.com/

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