Hoof & the Horn

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Can you tell me the name of this font? Thank you.

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How can I delete my previous post?

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Hi Heury,
As far as I known you can't, but the duplicate link is enough, to tell people to answer your IDs in the indicated thread.
For future, please avoid duplicate posts and use "edit" instead.

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Could be wrong but, even if many fonts and vector letterings have shown up recently (a trend actually), this one could have been based on Futura (/O, pointy /N or /W)
Some in the same trend: Diamonds, Evolette A, many ones at TenDollarFonts (TWOFACED, Echelon, Rathe, Parqa, Fonecian, Finding 57, Harf 77, Labieno, Positano, Marina, Alumia...)

EDIT: after further inspection, I guess I was actually wrong, could be Evolette.

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Thanks Ryuk for your help!

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