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"Tennis" magazine fonts

Hi! Here are some "Tennis" (USA) magazine fonts. It's the current design of the magazine. And I need some help to identify them. This is the sans:

The serif of the magazine:

And here is the slab:

I'm looking forward for the answers!


Freight family by Joshua Darden.
The slab isn’t actually a slab but Freight Micro Light.

First Serve does not look like Freight to me.

First Serve does not look like Freight to me.

Very good eye Renaissance Man. No, it’s not. So, what is it?

"First Serve" looks like http://Didot M96 Medium Italic by H&FJ

Thank you all! Freight Sans and Freight Micro are new for me. I was aware of Freight Display but still couldn't identify it. Perhaps of the fact that Freight Text and Didot M96 were also sometimes used in the headlines of the magazine.

Awesome font so far as well! Just pleased totally to see the tennis magazine cover page at all! Just a quick note to tell you that I have a passion for the topic at hand at all. Thanks the head up.........

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