Foundry name is not visble in the generated font

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Hey everyone,

When I generate a font from FLS5 and view its information in suitcase fusion, the foundry and class fields are empty. PFA image.
I have edited the vendors list in FLS5 by adding a custom foundry name to the vendor.dat file and I am using this foundry name as the default. But, upon generating font, the foundry information is not part of the metadata of the font. Any workarounds?


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Have you tried filling in all the fields mentioned in this thread:

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Thank you, I will go through that thread.

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I did everything you said, even changed it to another foundry name but the foundry name is not getting exported

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Two different things here:

- whether the foundry and classification info shows up in Suitcase Fusion.
- what metadata is in the font.

SF uses internal databases to map from fonts to what it displays in its user interface. For foundry name, SF has a list of "known" foundries, and can't recognize any other foundries. For classification, SF has a database of known families, and has classifications for those.

For any family or font that SF is lacking pre-existing data, an end user may add classification or foundry name info, but this only works for their particular local copy of Suitcase Fusion.



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@Thomas, Do you guys take the data from MS vendors list? Just wondering, do you check for it every time before updating Extensis software?

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No, for many years, this has been a static list that has not been updated. I hope to see this change in the future.

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If it does change, then we would be using the MS font vendor registry, btw.

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Too much static.

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