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What font is used in UEFA new logo? Help

Need help to ID this font. Please :)



Custom job to me. Only 4 letters so could be easily reproduced using any generic sans (you could even start with Helvetica).
Some similars: Beau Sans (officially used during UEFA Euro 2012, very easy job with this one, only needs to recreate /U using the Beau Sans /U left half part and mirroring it then cutting /A horizontal bar and making /E top left corner squared), Doomsday (almost same work plus making all finials squared), Ashmore, Ars District, http://Sansa, Chalet New York 1970, Domyouji

It actually would appear to be primarily a font, albeit with the 'A' modified.
There are paragraphs of text in the font as a raster image in a PDF. Insert image doesn't seem to be working, and the only way I could access the pdf was through Google, searching for
site:uefa.com filetype:pdf 2012 logo

- Herb

The typeface they use in the PDF is Sansa (already mentioned by Ryuk).

I created the logo for the UEFA corporate body.

Ryuk is correct it was custom drawn from a sketch, with the modification of the E reflecting the U curve. The letter forms were very generic to start with, and whilst is was easier to create the straight version, the curved versions (which are the primary versions) involved a bit of optical correction. The F was modified later on the development to help harmonise the letterforms on the curve.

The Euro 2012 logomark and guidelines was created by another branding agency. All the fonts mentioned above do look as though they fit the style though.