Usherwood-like serif, Adventures of Dr. Eszterhazy

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I'm trying to figure out if this is a typeface, or hand-lettered, or modified from a typeface. It's a book cover issued in 1990.

It looks a fair bit like ITC Usherwood Bold to me. but of course it has ligatures and alternates not available in the current digital version of that typeface. Did Usherwood ever have swash alternates? Is this a hand-lettered derivative, inspired by ITC Usherwood? Some other font with fancy swash alternates?



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I know this face, but can't place it. I'm not at my studio this week, so I can't look it up in my specimen books. I'll be back next weekend and look it up if no one has identified it by then.

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I'm back. I checked every specimen book I could think of, but nothing turned up. Sorry.

I could swear I've seen it somewhere before. Seems likely it was a late film-font-era face, maybe late seventies or early eighties.

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Thanks anyway, Mark. Pity I will have to turn up a blank for my friend! But your efforts are appreciated.

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The base font -without swashes- looks like Pasquale by Tony Stan
(Agfa-Monotype, 1990)

PS: Judging from the publication date (no OT fonts in 1990) and the "Th" ligature, it could probably be a custom job based on Pasquale

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Awesome! Nice going. I've never heard of that typeface, but that is definitely it.

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