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rounded sans serif

Trying to identify this font I saw in a presentation Stefan Sagmeister gave. These are just screen captures – the bottom two are definitely distorted (perspective) and the top one looks like it may be as well (slightly squished vertically). Did a little searching online for anyone talking about this font, but didn't see anything.


Very "DIN", DIN Next Rounded is close though not matching. Could be Gravur Condensed, slightly distorted as you said.

It's also very close to Normalise Din MN by Mecanorma,
but the capital |S| is a bit off

All good suggestions. I've been looking at the punctuation (comma and question mark), and that eliminates any of these as an exact match. It's hard to find an exact match not knowing how distorted the original specimens are, too. I'll try to find better source images. Thanks.

Sorry to be insistent but, even after further inspection, I can't see any difference between comma and question mark from your sample and Gravur Condensed's.

No worries. Your insistence made me look harder. I was comparing the sample (1) to the Gravur Condensed Bold (5) you pointed out. In it's original form, the Gravur Bold is obviously too condensed, but the question mark has a kink and the comma a longer "tail" than the sample. So, I was curious how the Gravur Bold would look is squished like the sample presumably is (4). Seemed like the weight was a little light, so I tried the Black (3), then squished (2). That looks like it might be it. Now it's maybe just a question of whether Stefan squishes it at all, or if it's just something that happened at some other point in the slide presentation or video production.