Chinese Takeaway looking font

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Hi guys,
If anyone out there has encountered this font before please divulge its identity to me! The only thing I know about this is 'concepts' is written in brush script i believe, but its the 'Red Hot' section which has me scratching my head.

Any help is appreciated.

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All following fonts matches "Red Hot" in your sample:
Painter, Oriental, OrientNouveau by WSI fonts collection
Pittoresk by Brendel Informatik

WSI & Brendel companies are both well known for their rip-offs, therefore if somebody finds a legitimate match, I will remove the above font names.

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OrientNouveau works brilliant! Thanks alot fvilanakis you are a superstar typophiliac! Awesome! I will plug this site on all social networks. It works well! Thanks again bro

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