36th Art directors annual font

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This is from the cover of the 36th art directors annual from 1957. Does anyone know the font?

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The letterforms of these numerals are similar to those in Clarendon, but this is a very light display version which I could not find in my books. It also resembles the numerals from Torino, which is a sort of condensed Didone style, so these are two very different directions in which to look.

From 1957 means this is pre-digital, and whether something like this was ever digitized is a hard guess to make. I have some Photo-Lettering catalogs, but they rarely show numerals, so it will be hard to pin this down for me.

Good luck with your search, but this era was also one with a lot of hand-drawn lettering, which might turn out to be the answer.

- Mike Yanega

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Thanks a lot Mike, I was taking a chance that it might be a combination of types since I found similarities in Modern no 20, Torino and some others to.


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