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Old, used to be common, typically used for "Epic" or "Old World" look

Older font, typically used for "Epic" or "Old World" look. Please refer to attachment

It used to be really common but now I can't find it anywhere. Just a bunch of look-alikes.

Thank you


Looks like Carolus Roman by Karl Eric Forsberg (as Philippe found out).

My Carolus (Roman only) Copyright (c) 1992 Image Club Graphics, Inc., no designer info.

The current "free" versions seem to be rip-offs of the ICG font. The italic version of this font seems ridiculous.

Thanks for the replies but the original designer showed up and told me the font is "Carleton Normal". However, this Carolus Roman you are pointing to is almost identical.

Please don't recommend or use rip-off fonts.


Carleton Normal and Carolus Roman have no copyright notices and sure seem like rip-offs of Carolus ICG. However, I can't find Carolus ICG anywhere on the Web.

Carleton Normal has a screwed up kerning table.

What does hhp recommend when the original font is no longer available?

Good question. What do you think?