Armenian Calligraphy: AIB letter, 18th century &

This is treatment I did of 18th century Armenian calligraphic style. Its the first letter of Armenian Alphabet - AIB (alpha, alef).

Dear Admin, I would also propose to create a Armenian Letters sub-forum in Special Interest Groups. I am sure that there are quite many Armenian font designers who are here and would join. Hrant Papazian is at least one of them I know :)

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I second that motion!
BTW did you get my email back in July?

As for that shape of Ա, you can see one here:


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Yes, I have seen that treatment in D.Diderot and Schroeder books ... I wonder who cut those letters, its one of the most beautiful ones I have seen so far. I am writing a commentary now on a calligraphy book from Venice from 1834, its going to be very interesting. Can you resend that mail, Hrant jan, I was kind of in the middle of countries at that time...

Here is another way to write it.

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