Legibility vs. Readability?

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I feel like sometimes it's as bad a topic (that requires explanation) as the 'what is resolution' question.

Simply put, does this sound about right?
Legibility - How well you can tell apart the different glyphs
Readability - How well those glyphs work together and how well they read when assembled into words, sentences, etc.

Or does someone have a better definition?

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I agree with that.


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That seems pretty in-line with the conventional definitions.

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Legibility is without doubt all about perception.
“Telling glyphs apart” is certainly the most important part of that. (Though not the only one)

Readability is still used in an ambiguous way. It can be understood as understanding or reading comfort, two very different things.

My definitions:

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Great write-up Ralf. Thanks for that link.

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