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san serif modern font with

Hi, I am stuck with a project and have to dummy up a page to match a set of calendar grids.

Anyone id this one?


The 3 is particularly distinctive with its more open free form character.




It has that open upward attitude, rather than a more traditional curved in shape...

Hi Sara,

this must be a combination of Anisette Std / Anisette Std Petite fonts by Jean François Porchez (Typofonderie, 1997-2008)

PS: Akira is always too quick for me :)

Nice work ; -)

But UGH. It would take a mix of the faces and variable font sizes worked out to the same visual weight to make that work. And I of course do not have a generous font allowance for this project.

Damn. Nothin is ever easy is it?

Again, thanks.