A new Chinese blackletter

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just in case this wasn’t mentioned before:


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Very cool (although highly limited in use).

And in case anybody's wondering why I don't mind this case of Latinization: Chinese culture isn't exactly under threat at the moment... Also, designers of oriental scripts do need to start thinking more freely (chiro-apologists need not apply).


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Bits of those glyphs seem to be lifted directly from Wilhelm Klingspor Gotisch.

Edit: Actually, they sort of acknowledge that by printing the entire Latin alphabet from that face. I guess the new glyphs are meant to be a direct expansion of the face.

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Just come across this manga: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Butler . Blackletter kanjis?

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I just asked my Chinese wife about this. She didn't think it was that successful. It was readable to her, but the blackletter style looked forced, something like the 'chop suey' styles look to us readers of latin scripts.

The 'Black Butler' thing is more successful. It's a fanciful extreme high contrast version of a woodcut style, so it's more rooted in the 'ductus' of Chinese characters, though as used by Japanese. The broad pen logic is so far from the pointed brush logic that I don't know if you can get from one to the other...

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