recommentadion type for a zine's book

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hi everybody, i'm new here, this it's my first time posting on the forum.
I have to make a book of zines and i don't know what type i can use for a good reading, i think i prefer a sans serif, but i accept recommendations, thanks : )

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"book of zines"

I do not know what this means. Who is the target audience? What's the book about? How is it being printed? Or is it just a PDF for viewing? Is sans serif the usual type of font for your audience?

Your statement that "I have to make..." suggests it is a school project. Does this mean that you want a font that's already on your computer, or a free font, or are you willing to purchase (license) a font for the project?

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it's a book about "fanzines", my target is anyone interested in publishing, and people who have been in the movement of zines, and it's a project for a book in my university, i'm a graphic design student, it would be any kind of font

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I typically associate that peak of fanzines with the 80s and 90s and as such you may want to look at grunge fonts. This recently created thread on grunge fonts might be a good place to start.

You may also find Font Squirrel's filter for grunge fonts a good source and the variety of filters on dafont's web site.

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Okay, I don't know too much about fanzines, but how about the recently discussed Turnip:

Here's a thread on sans serif fonts:

Or, if you're just looking for a nice clear sans font for reading, there are many but I like Karmina Sans:

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Recently worked with Rich Jacobs who curates a show of old 80's / 90's skate/punk zines called MOVE - to release a font of his handwriting. He still authors a hand made zine called MOVE and we thought his hand lettering was really unique - so we made a font of it - You can see it here :

One of Rich's zine -

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Zines are alive and well.

There is a plethora of inspiration you can browse through at Archizines that could fill your creative well.

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Courier (not Courier New).

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There are many types of contemporary 'zines using all kinds of typography, as you can see from the link in Nathaniel's post. Restricting yourself to grunge doesn't make a lot of sense.

Gestalten published a book on the topic:

I don't think there's a typeface that is specifically "zine." However, there is a common thread amongst 'zine publications -- and that is form, formal experimentation, materials and budget constraints. It would be nice if your mode of production used in your project somehow recognized these material interests.

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