I need some font help?

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Can somebody help me to find out which font this is. I think the E and H is the font I'm looking for. Also the new Ryan Leslie cd (attachment) has this font.

Thanks in advance.

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I cant' find this |T| or |H| but I think the CD font looks like Evolette

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"TECHNO" could be a modified Alternate Gothic No2

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wow, thank you so much. The Evolette is a big big help!!

Thank you!!

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To me, these are 2 different "fonts" (even if I don't think they're actually font, more custom letterings).
For the CD cover, I don't think it's Evolette, even if they're obviously in the same vein (trend) but they share the same backbone, Futura. "SWISS FRANCS (REMIX) FEAT. BOOBA" is actually set in Futura. "RYAN LESLIE" looks like to have been done using Futura too (/R with /P, /Y and /A redrawn to fit together, doubled oblique bar /N, original /L, doubled horizontal middle bar /E, redrawn /S, originals /L and /I and modified /E). You could also have a look to a list of fonts in the same vein I recently compiled (TWOFACED, Echelon, Rathe, Parqa, Fonecian, Finding 57, Harf 77, Labieno, Positano, Marina, Alumia...).
For "TECHNO", I agree with fvilanakis, custom job based on Alternate Gothic No.2 (or Trade Gothic Condensed Bold no.20).

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I believe TECHNO is a either a modified Alternate Gothic no 2 or a modified Din 1451 Std Engschrift

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