Hufnagel font

hi everybody,

can someone help me with this / these fonts.

link :

I wonder how to get the deformation of "Hufnagel", "Custom", and "cycle". I tried to do this with Illustrator but without success. maybe he to create the letter one by one manually, but I doubt it. There is necessarily a way to do it "cleanly"

Other request :

I want to know the name of fonts used in this link :

i'd really appreciate your help

thanks in advance.


Ps : sorry for my english…


The embossed letters in your first image seem to use a different C for CYCLES, because it looks too rounded. I would guess that these letters might be hand-drawn and then machined. The S is not usual, but I was not able to find this in a font.

In your second image, the sans serif for most lettering could be Gotham from H&FJ, but the letters are not distinctive enough to be sure.

The large HUFNAGEL letters look like a Victorian-era serif, but I could not find an exact match.

- Mike Yanega

Thank you Mike for this early analysis.
i'll continue searching.
someone can see others possible matches ?

For the large HUFNAGEL I found one quite similar :

With some little adjustments, mainly on /U, you can get pretty close using LHF Billhead (1900).
The script looks handwritten to me. Have a look to some "script handwritten monoline" and "handwritten monoline" tagged fonts at MyFonts, you may find some interesting alternatives. The missing sans could be a lot of thing so why not (the ubiquitous) http://Gotham.

new elements for the big "hufnagel" : (first image)

This "new" element only confirms to me what I said. (Based on) Billhead 1900.