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Need to know the font used in the Eye magazine, both on the logo and within the magazine on the articles etc.

Logo - http://www.seeklogo.com/images/E/Eye-logo-5FD49B45C5-seeklogo.com.gif

Article - http://www.behance.net/pirigraphics/frame/3748387

Thanks for your help

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The logo is obviously custom drawn.

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Yeah I thought that, there are a variety of similar fonts around, but guess they are just mock ones,

any idea on the Font used within the magazine?

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You do realize you link to a sudent's exercise and not to an actual issue of Eye, right?
Perhaps you should ask directly: http://www.behance.net/pirigraphics

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From eye’s colophon:

Eye logo: concept by Nick Bell, drawn by Magnus Rakeng, melkevelen.no

Eye uses ‘guest typefaces’ — in other words: a different one for each issue. In your (student) sample it is unclear what was used for the body. One of the headings is Franklin Gothic, I think.

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Should be melkeveien.no. Magnus is a very talented Norwegian type designer.

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@Frode: Didn't have my reading glasses on… My bad, sorry.

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Curves look a bit lumpy.

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