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Please identify this serif font, used by F. Forssmann

Hi everyone!
Please give me a hand with identifying this serif font used by Friedrich Forssmann in the recently published book »Arno Schmidt in Hamburg« (Hoffmann und Campe, 978-3-455-40345-9, http://www.hoffmann-und-campe.de/go/arno-schmidt-in-hamburg). Screenshot from the publisher’s homepage attached to this posting. I feel it’s something between Garamond and Bembo, but what font exactly?
Thanks a lot in advance!


Looking at it more closely in a PDF of the book excerpt that you can download, I think the typeface is Bembo Book. The font is called ‘ZettelMZ-Regular’, which might mean that Friedrich Forssman modified the original font for typesetting Arno Schmidt’s novel Zettel’s Traum (maybe adjusting kerning pairs or the like) and continues to use this version for publications about this author.

Great – looks like I was not paying enough attention …
Thanks for taking the time a giving some background information! I already had the suspicion that he would not adjust all those spaces by hand every time. Very unique and always recognizable appearance. I am not always sharing his opinion about legibility, but having some signature-quirks also has its attractions.

Glad to help! :-)