Loosely Based Upon Pluto Outline

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Not been here for a long time, In fact not been doing anything for a long time due to arthritis and glaucoma, so extremely rusty.
Decided to try the old hand at something simple. Its an interpretation of the Pluto Outline face.

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Love it, Graham. Haven't heard of Pluto. A film font? Is there a better way to handle the dots? The double circle doesn't seem to work as well as the rest.

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Stephen, Pluto Outline is another version of Letrasets Lucifer No.1,
See thread - http://www.typophile.com/node/80417

Yes, there's a lot of peculiar things about the original version, and thats how the full stop and comma's are actually portrayed. I have an idea to make them a little more inline with the other characters so they don't seem just two circles.

The lower case in the original image are peculiar, with some design faults that make them really poor for text. The letters 's' and 'e' for example. While I am drawing the lower case, I don't think I will be including them in the finished thing, maybe make it a just a all cap version with the hollow outline, shaded from the left, and shaded from the right.

Most of the other attempts to make this have been a straight line trace from original image. I have just been drawing these by eye, meaning I look at the image, guess the dimentions, and draw it from the memory. Thats why its an interpretation, not a copy. Its not exact.

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Thanks for the background. I hope you're doing the filled version too.

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Nice work so far!

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Great work. I like your work. Thanks.


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