ZionTrain Pro: Cyrillic & Greek (+free stencil weight)

dear typophiles!

i am glad to show you my new release, ZionTrain Pro typefamily. I started this font five years ago for city transportation and overall city corporative font as a part of project of second largest Ukrainian city Kharkiv identity by 3z studio. when designing distinctive characters for the font i was wonder how shapes from Ukrainian calligraphy works fine for wayfinding grotesque (look at the tails of Cyrillic -щ- and -ц- for example). unfortunately, this type was not used as planned, but was lived on the street as font of some cultural events, and was used for Kharkiv promotion.

it was featured in Slanted magazine #18 Signage/Orientation.

now ZionTrain Pro supports all three European scripts and has additional roman stencil family. i welcome you to download Stencil Demibold with full encoding (Cyrillic, Greek & Latin, alternates, old style digits, small caps) for free!

if you used ZionTrain early (not Pro), please ask me for 90% discount. and for first month at MyFonts 30% discount is for all the people.

i welcome you to take a look (and appreciate) to ZionTrain@behance and thank you for watching!

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Fantastic! Thanks Andrij.

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Too bad it wasn’t used as originally intended, it would have certainly brightened up the day for travellers.

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The Stencil looks pretty well done, though some of the tongues might be prone to buckling, were it a real stencil.

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glad you like it, Sevag!

thank you, Nick. interesting that 'Gray City' is the name of historic Kharkiv one part. but with rich architectural heritage (Kharkiv was the heart of ukrainian constructivism) it looks bright for me.

thank you, Té! i know two issues: o-slash and a-ring, do you saw something else?

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Type ID Board is the wrong forum to post this.

Public service: http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/andrijtype/zion-train-pro/

@Reynir: "some of the tongues might be prone to buckling, were it a real stencil." It's not a real stencil.

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I was thinking of the 'a' whose counter 'tongue' has little support. Couldn't help but try to visualise if it would look better or worse were the 'bridges' moved further left.

When I was younger, much younger than today, I was occasionally involved in salting herring. They were still using wooden barrels then. I think that was when I got interested in stencil type.

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Nice work Andrij!

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Cool project!

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thank you, Lasko! thank you, Lukas!

Té, long time ago i works at fish factory a little, i love stencils too )) thanks for idea

here is nothing about Type ID, Steve. i don't know why it tagged, maybe by my mistake. sorry about it

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Very cool

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thank you, Dave!

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