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Typefaces used by NYC Subway in 1930s and 40s as seen in Walker Evans photos


Hope you're well.

I was wondering if anyone could help me identify 2 typefaces used in the NYC subways in the 1930s/40s in the attached Walker Evan's pictures:

1. the stencil-looking one used for "7th Ave. Local," "South Ferry," "145th St. Lenox Ave.", etc.

2. The one used for "City Hall" in the second "Hunts Point" photo.

Thanks very much!




Most probably all hand-painted (meaning not-a-font).
Some you might find interesting: Korolev, Tempus Gothic, Nomad, Cougher, Karben, Engshrift Austria D, Van Condensed, Snv, Tsejcho, Saa, Sign Kit, Narrow Stencil, Inventory...
Have also a look to both Jeff Levine and Nick Curtis collections, they've done many sign paint, wooden type and stencil revivals that could fit your needs.

Great! Thanks for all these suggestions! I really appreciate it. Narrow Stencil could work.

Thanks again.