What font is this? Thanks in advance.

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Hello all !

Could you please help me identify this FONT ?

I use Mac. If you could tell me the 1. name of it 2. whether it is a FREE font 3. and if not where to buy it 4. and if there's any very similar ones.

Thank you much in advance

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Thanks, but it's not it. Can you try opening the link?

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Can you try opening the link?


I wouldn’t expect Akira to be wrong about type ids ever. And he isn’t in this case.
It is Dancing Script, absolutely.

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Ok, I'm sorry. But because the link included led me to a different font's preview. The second one previews the correct one. I'm sorry for not having paid attention.

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No problem. I guess your browser doesn’t support webfonts. That’s why it wasn’t set in Dancing Script.

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