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What script-font?

Hey hey
I tried using WhatTheFont, but didn´t get any good answers.

I´m looking for the typeface in the word "Wide" - any ideas?



Looks like Eclat by the late Doyald Young. Nick Curtis did a revival under the name of Creampuff.

By Doyald Young, yes, but it’s Home Run.


I recognized Doyald Young's and, thinking of Eclat and knowing it's not available to download, I overstated it could have been, Creampuff, simply slightly stretched. But you're as usual damn right Jan. Thanks for correcting me and sorry for my mistake.

No reason to apologize, Ryuk.

Actually, Eclat is available (http://www.fonts.com/font/image-club/eclat).
Curiously, only as Mac Type 1 and as webfont.

It shows as also being available as Windows Type 1 at Fonts.com.

Waldo Script, from Sign DNA, appears to be a version of Nick Curtis' Creampuff (licensed?)

- Herb

Big wow & thanx!
Sorry my late reply - what excellent help! I really appreciate you´re time and effort!

All the best!
A greatfull Tobias :-)

As an aside, I recently, serendipitously came across two well made Bayer (1998) WinTT fonts called Buccaneer and Buccaneer Swash. I thought they'd do nicely for a little project, so I headed to Fonts.com to do the right thing. What do I find?

This. No means I can find of seeing the 3 fonts included and only WinPS and MacPS as the format options. Bob Anderton originally offered this font family via ITC, so I tried that website - only to get no more info and be promptly kicked back to fonts.com.

I contacted fonts.com asking what's up with only T1 fonts in (then) 2012? "I have money ready to spend on your website if you can offer me modern day WinTT or Opentype fonts."

A few days later, my contact respond thusly, "I spoke to the font development team and there are unfortunately no plans to convert the data of Buccaneer to TrueType or OTF. I apologize for the inconvenience!"

What the hell?? How hard or time consuming would it be to do the conversions?

I really hope they don't drag down their various acquisitions to their level of website functionality or customer service. Am I missing something? Is there some good excuse for offering (lots of, I've since found) T1 fonts with no plans to update?

Maybe they're assuming that -even if their EULA ostensibly forbids it- you can convert it yourself.