The Perfect Gift for a Typophile?

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No, no ... but you could get me one of these

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Oh right. I just need to sell a few more fonts and I can afford one of those.

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Meh. Cars suck. Helvetica bike.

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I like cars, and bikes. Except that one.


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How about a pair of these...

...Nike Alphabet Sneaks.


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Old books by some famous punch-cutters, maybe?
I would love to get a linotype or some other mechanical type machine

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I like cars, and bikes. Except that one.

It is kinda ugly hrant, but it can go over 250 mph. Everyone needs one of those, what if your wife goes into labor early & you need to rush to the hospital?

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@hrant: The car, or the bike? If it’s the bike, it’s ok, but you wouldn’t catch me dead on a fixer. If it were a Univers bike, then I might re-consider. Or a folder.

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@charles_e – Should that happen, @hrant would probably rather have a Bigfoot 4×4 in the driveway.

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I keep telling you guys, a 3d printer

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I meant the bike. The problem of course is the font.

Charles, the Veyron does rule. But not for the scenario you mention; in fact considering I already have four kids I would need a Veyron for going in the other direction...

BTW as any serious driver will tell you, it's not the car, it's the driver. Give me a 1980s BMW M3 and I can get anywhere in 2 hours.


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Does this belong in the Type ID Board forum?

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Steve -- For some reason, this thread does show up on the Type ID forum, but you get here through the *General Discussions* forum.

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The gift of wit.

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A Vandercook.

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