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New release: Bruno – An easy to use multilayer ribbon font:

Bruno is an innovative multi-layered font which I developed at the KHB (University of Arts Berlin) under the guidance of Luc(as) de Groot.

It's basic form principle is that of a ribbon, folded and bent in space to produce the glyphs. I named it after my grandfather who was a poster designer and thus hand drew a lot of custom fonts.

Traditionally the use of multi-layered fonts can be very clumsy, since you often need to duplicate text fields and then align them precisely on top of each other. Not so with Bruno: I programmed an InDesign plugin for it that automates the whole progress. There's a one minute demo video here: https://vimeo.com/54004048

The font contains all necessary glyphs to display eastern, middle, and west european languages.


Great concept and excellent execution!

How does the plugin work?

Wow, cool.

BTW isn't writing an InDesign plug-in hard?


Nicely done, Leo.

Unfortunately, the MyFonts link on the demo page is not functioning yet.

Nice work! You can get some really neat contrasts with the double colors.

I'm currently working on a typeface with layering as well. It's a pity Adobe scripts are still a bit crummy to implement, that's what they can get away with sadly as market-leader. I have to go with ID/Illustrator scripts as well but I'd rather have something simpler.

Thanks all!

It got much easier in the last years, but more than half of my code ist stuff that works around a lot annoying InDesign bugs. Finding these & finding a fix is usually a PITA

The plugin copies the textframe and activates a special OT feature on that copied frame. If anything is changed on the original textframe (content, position etc.) it's mirrored to the copy.

Unfortunately Adobe trademarked my grandfathers name, so MyFonts took the font down. I'll now have to come up with another name. It's still available to buy at leo-koppelkamm.de/bruno


Cool! Congrats!

Very nice one. Even with its new name :-)

Wow! Spectacular, especially considering all of the limitations of "professional software" you had to work around...

Nicely done.