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Best way to organize large font library

Moving from Windows to Mac.
I have a fairly large font library (adobe font folio, URW collections, Berthold collections, Linotype OT Libraries, OurType, Insigne, DSType, etc...). In Windows, I used FontExpert, which read from the corresponding folders for each library. I activated specific fonts as needed.
But OS X seems to place fonts in various folders... I think I understand the design of that.
On MBpro, using FontExplorer Pro, which I have organized the various Mac, office mac, and adobe fonts into 'required' and 'other' sets. Cut activated fonts from 744 to 280.

Now, ready to bring over my personal font library... and wanted to ask what the best strategy is for this.

1. Do I create individual 'folders' for each library (adobe, linotype, urw, etc), and then from the amassed library, create 'sets' (serif, sans-serifs, etc.) for the typefaces/fonts that I use the most ?

2. Which folder should I keep my font library (I keep backups on an external drive and in the cloud) ?

Would appreciate any guidance...



Everyone is different in their organizing needs. Do it however works best for you.

I organize mine alphabetically, with subfolders for families. I use Suitcase and have three permanent sets I use: Basics, which is the Base 35 Printer Fonts, Pi fonts and fonts I use every day; Temporary, which are job-specific; and System, which is all System fonts. That makes it really easy to keep a clean installation of fonts.

Has anybody ever heard of anyway to organize installed fonts into folders for windows? So when I open the font menu in Corel or Illustrator I can see folders of fonts which I could create and name as I like, such as a "Brush Script" folder, a "text" folder, etc?

Extensis (maker of the Suitcase Fusion application) has a PDF discussing the best practices for font management in OS-X. Even though you use a different app for font management you might still find portions useful. http://www.extensis.com/downloads/font-management-best-practices-guides/