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Designing "habitual" typography


I am looking for sources and suggestions on creating a font that demonstrates habits. For my final graphic design project, I have to design a typographical bookjacket for "The Power of Habit." Briefly, it is about how habits have the power to control and reform the success or failures of businesses, transform societies, and change our lives. The reaccuring theme is how habits work with a cue that triggers the routine, and finally what we gain from it. (Think of a continuous circle, and how habits pick up power by happening over and over again)

I am trying to use a process that can guide my design solution, but am having a difficult time with representing habits in my type design. Any place to start, ideas and suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you!


> Think of a continuous circle

Have you ever seen Alfred Hitchcock's "Vertigo"? It's about obsession. In the opening credits this idea isn't communicated so much in the type but instead in the visuals and music, with rotating circles and music motifs that are repeated endlessly. Perhaps it might give you some inspiration.


Thank you both! That actually got my brain spinning in many ways and I picked up a few ideas from this. I appreciate it!

I really like that FontStruct website, Nick - Thank you for sharing!

@kndesigner07: For future posts, you will find that you get better feedback if you begin with posting some of the work you have done to date, and then asking for guidance.

Habitual Typography? gotta be Helvetica

Speaking of old Alfred Hitchcock title sequences:

North by Northwest

It's impossible to watch the Psycho opening titles without your blood pressure going up. I love it. Elegantly brutal.

Last time I was in San Francisco I visited some of the Vertigo locations. Some no longer exist but Scotty's house (Jimmy Stewart) is still there on Lombard and has hardly changed. I've heard that some company actually gives tours of Vertigo locations.

>The Power of Habit

Has to be Cloister Black.

@Si: Not sure how long you’ve had that avatar, but it’s hilarious. You should flip it horizontally so it looks as though he’s reading that you say!

Beaker is unimpressed with my posts, hence he is looking in the other direction. ;-)

My personal favourite was Dr. Teeth.

http://www.dafont.com/potland.font -- Non-404 link link to Potland. Gauthier made a few more pot-related ones, btw.

The Potland font works for me - typically the lack of pot would invoke a 420 error, not a 404 error.