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Hi everyone,

I am a motion & graphic design and I am creating a swimwear brand with my girlfriend. I lack typographic skills, that is why I am asking you guys some feedbacks and suggestions.

The Brand is called "BAIN" and we make swimwear and surf shorts for men and women, 25-45 year old, with good taste and finance is what we target.

We position ourself between the traditional surf brand; quicksilver, ripcurl etc...

and the high end swimwear brands; Maaji, Huit, Pain de sucre, Calvin Klein, Orlbar Brown Robinson les bains etc...

with a light touch of hipster flavor in the mix.

Basically the brand's image rotates around 3 ideas.

1-"Made in France": Since every piece will be designed and made in France, in small factories, we want the brand to convey a sense quality, authenticity and most of all a rustic feeling.

2- "Simplicity & Nature": At first we wanted to make a surfbrand that is sees not surfing as sport or as competition but as just something fun and relaxing. Something simple that connects you with nature. That led us to use recycled fabrics to make our swimwear. So we want our logo to reflect this.

3-"Free & easy": Basically when you where our swimsuits or shorts, we want you to feel like these guys in the 60-70's surf movies; stocked with nothing to worry about.

So our Brand name is "BAIN". It's french, it's simple, and it means "bathing", so having fun in the water.

Concerning the logo, I thought about a hand written type based logo, because it is simple, and it reminded of these old rustic looking logo every company had prior to the 50's. And I wanted to have some curve because it's a surfing brand after all.

I've attached the logo I have so far. I'd like to have some type designer's opinion on it because I feel it's lacking harmony and fluidity but I don't see how I could fix it. Let me know what you think.

Thanks in advanced and have nice day!


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Look at old Absynth ads.

BTW your forms need a lot of polish. You might need to hire a pro.


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