Some maintenance in Type ID

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We were getting a lot of Type ID requests in the the “Solved ID” and “FAQ” forums, so we killed 'em off and moved everything into the main Type ID board where they belong. We'll continue to focus on better ways to flag and sift through solved IDs in the future.

A side benefit: This also removes all those extra Type ID rows that were appearing on the home page, so the Critique and SIG forums move up, appropriately.



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(._.) <--- That’s a guy watching the thread…

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please fix the image upload problem. I would suggest a basic uploader instead of any fancy uploader.

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I would also post this comment on the Bug Reports and Feature Requests board.

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@chris: It is funny that spammers don't spam the thread that is meant for them but spam those which are totally irrelevant. I am confused—Are spam bots so bad that they can not identify the posts which are begging to be spammed( or too clever to avoid such traps?

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the “Solved ID” and “FAQ” forums […] we killed 'em off

And there was much rejoicing.

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Are the type ID challenge threads no longer stickied?

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@eliason - No, they're not stickied anymore, with the belief that frequent activity would keep it closer to the top, if there's still ongoing interest.

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