Luxury Spur/flare Serif suggestion?

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I loved spur/flare serif typeface very much and here are some lists that I like. Most of them I found on Hope you all can add to my collection.
*I would love also to see some typefaces coming from independant foundries(not listed on like treacyface..
1. TF Arrow (treacyface)
2. Seta Rena (Nick's fonts)
3. Cartesius (T4)
4. Mart (NocommenType)
5. Orpheus Pro (Canada Type)
6. Dragon EF (Esner + Flake)
7. Beaufort Pro (ShinnType)
8. Friz Quadrata

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…independant foundries(not listed on

Most foundries distributed by MyFonts are considered independent.

Amerigo (Gerard Unger)
Baker Signet (Arthur Baker)

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