Typeface c. 1976 used in Victor Burgin's work Possession?

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Hi, hoping you might help identify this typeface...? Thanks in advance for any leads...

This is the full image here:

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Aahhh, I think I just figured it out, thanks to "bowfin" - the other web font identifiers never came up with Eric Gill's Perpetua, but this one did. Seems right to me - experts?

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I'm not an expert, but Perpetua seems right to me.

There is also Lapidary 333 BT (Bold) by Eric Gill (available from Bitstream) which looks like a Perpetua's clone.
I think this belongs to the "name copyright game" played by Bitstream, Monotype, Adobe etc. before Bistream & Monotype unified into the big monopoly they are now.

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