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Hey all!

I'm creating a logotype for a band and in the stage of looking for type references. The band is a sort of sexy, female fronted, classic rock with an edge sort of sound and look. Equal parts Pat Benatar, Metallica, and early The Who.

So I've found this typeface over at My Fonts and I feel like this is a good starting place for something that could be customized by hand to give it more of that sexiness and edge, while remaining classic and sophisticated:

I'm hoping you guys can help me find more sources of inspiration for the direction I'm trying to go.


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Another point that I've found helpful in pinpointing how they would be best represented: A new fan at a recent show described their sound as being "Harder than it needs to be, but more beautiful than it should be."


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Your link doesn't work. This one should be OK:

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Nice choice.

You might also look at Kursivschrift* and FF Pitu** (interestingly also by a Polish designer) although the latter might be too "girly".

* http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/linotype/kursivschrift/

** http://typographica.org/typeface-reviews/ff-pitu/


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In the ballpark, in an odd sort of way...


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Thanks guys! All of these have elements that I can pull from. I particularly enjoy the "f" from FF Pitu and the contrast of Matinee Idol. This gives me a lot more to work with. Any more ideas for inspiration are of course still welcome :)

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