Help finding Swiss Watch font

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I've been drawing a blank trying to find out what the attached font is.

It was used by a swiss watch movement manufacturer on obsolete date indicators (the bit that tells you the date in the little window on your watch dial) from 1969 until around 1980.

They were printed on water slide transfers (decals), applied to a plastic wheel that frequently breaks. I'm looking to get replica tranfers made up, but can't work out what font was used.

I've a (much) larger blown-up scan of the full wheel if it helps?



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Taking into account the dates, it may prove difficult to find a modern digital font to match. I don't know if it helps, but the closer I can find -based on the provided numerals- is Probert free font by Neale Davidson
|4| is way off, but the rest of digits are quite close.

I found it using Find my Font -

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If you can't find a font with numerals that are close enough you might consider commissioning a type designer to make an exact replica; for just numerals the cost won't be prohibitive. If you go this route there are many people here who can do the job, including myself: hpapazian at gmail dot com


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Looks like a modified version of Microgramma.

I too have been looking for a number of Swiss watch dial fonts with little success. Pity that.

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Not yet available, but a good start!

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It's funny how much that reminds me of FF Ernestine.
{Edit:} Caveat: I had a hand in it.


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As in, not slightly similar at all? Numerals appear to be very different between the two (and you might note your involvement with Ernestine, Hrant)

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It's just a feeling - and an honest one. If you look at Ernestine's origins* you might be able to accept that. But point taken about the involvement - I was sloppy. Edited.



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