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bike brand logo

Hi everybody,

I'm working on a logo for the future brand called "Franch Vintage Bike"
I want something simple and timeless, so I have chosen a shape of coat of arms (For the vintage style) and a sans serif font (for the contemporary style).
I want some advice to find a detail who will give an identity more spécific to my logo.
It could be a special characteristic on the type (or an other type for "Vintage), it could be an additionnal element for the French touch (symbol).
I have made several trials but I always return to my first draft...
I'm open for all your propositions and advices.

Ps : Sorry for my english.

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The type needs more presence. I'm not sure why "vintage" is heavier in the top example - it makes it seem that's the name of the brand. Also, if you're shooting for class I'd make the shield taller - not so square. On the other hand the short shape does look more contemporary. But I don't think that sans is very contemporary - it looks like something that could have been made any time in the last 100 years...

You might want to use "bicycle" instead of "bike" (which I think is too casual). Or for that French touch you want what about "bicyclette"?


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Thanks Hrant.

Agree with you, It's not my brand so I can't change the name all the more that URL are saved…

I want to conserve the shape.

Some other ideas? in particular for the font..

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You probably want "... BikeS" unless it's a quirky name for a designer studio, or some other outlet not related to the bikes.

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I'm not in love with it. I like the design out-right but I don't feel like it's representing the french style ... specifically vintage french bicycles (for which I am a huge fan)

I would research Rene Herse, Alex Singer, Peugeot, Motobecane and other famous bike brands both bespoke and mass production. I think you'll find some remarkable imagery to consider.

Many french bikes had steel tubing decals such as Vitus or Reynolds steel tubes. Those decals have a unique enclosure shape that might also tie this more closely to the subject. Google: "Vintage French Headbadge"

Maybe make the word "Vintage" a larger script of some kind. I like that you're thinking about an enclosure. Very appropriate.


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