CHANEL "Inevitable" typeface


What is the typeface used for "inevitable" in the CHANEL ad?

Thank you.

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Thank you.

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The image is so small and the letters are so common, that it could be anything. You can try Arial Black or Helvetica Black, a bit expanded.'s picture

try Blair or eyecontact

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Chanel has always used exclusive bespoke typefaces and even for its main woodmark (makes sense for a fashion industry leading company). For instance, on, they're using one as webfont which is called "abchanel-couture" and looks not so far from your sample. Whatever it is called, it's some sort of all-caps extended grotesk.
Some substitutes: Presicav, Adrianna, Sackers Gothic/Engravers Gothic/Blair (as previously suggested), Turnpike, Akzidenz-Grotesk Extended, Ronsard Crystal, Sweet Sans, Fashion, Zeppelin, Doublewide, Halogen, Idlewid, Luxury Gold, Biondi Sans...

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That's terrible advice. It's high end fashion. They're not going to use Arial or Helvetica. It's anything Gotham is a closer bet. Something with more rounded geometric, uniline letter forms. In any case it's Chanel so it's custom. Existing typefaces will only give you an approximation.

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The type is called ABChanel Couture, it has been drawing by Steidl for the first book they made for Karl Lagerfeld. One of my favorite font.

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Hmm … the typeface which was used for the first book that Steidl made for Lagerfeld was drawn ‘at’ Steidl, not ‘by’ Steidl. Akzidenz Grotesk Extended would definitely make a better substitute than Helvetica or Arial.

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that's an important point... sorry for my english

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