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The Burroughes building (Toronto)

Looking for both the script logotype face (which I think is contemporary), and something that closely resembles the wall type, which is probably old hand lettering based on some classic form. But maybe not?! Candidates for the wall so far include Emigre Brothers, Brokman, PF Din Display Pro, Intropol, and Pill Gothic. Thanks for your help!


Also see Parkinson's Modesto:


I can't find anything, but some perspective correction might help:

"LINOLEUMS CARPETS BEDDINGS": makes me thinking of Brothers and some Letterhead Fonts like Antique Half Block (very close), Hensler 2, Lincoln, Statestreet, or Naylorville. Also Kirsty, Braingelt
"F.C. BURROUGHES": reminds of DIN Text/Display with a double-sided bar. I like also Megaphone/Creighton and Antenna Condensed.

Thanks for the excellent pointers! Antique Half Block seems fantastic for the serif face, and I agree that PF Din Display is good for BURROUGHES (I can do the G myself).

Anyone have any clue about that upright script face? I can't seem to find it.

The closest I have at this time is Rabbit Ears. I'll try to dig more tomorrow.

Thanks all for the pointers. PF Din Display and Antique Block are working well; once I have a good script candidate I'll be all set to work within the style. I still haven't found anything, but will keep checking back here. Thanks again!