Indesign list of typefaces and sizes

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Is there anyway, in indesign to find out all the type and sizes I use. The purpose of this is to make sure I have not missed changing the size of the type in any of the text frames.

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Don't know if there's a way to produce a global list, but if you set fonts and sizes via style sheets then you don't need to worry about missing a text box.

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I just came across this fancy Javascript on the German site "hilfdirselbst":

As you can see in a demo movie, it can report a variety of text properties. A very well done job.

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As for font usage, it doesn't even need a script. "Find Font" in the Type menu is a pretty basic tool in my workflow.

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If you use Find and Change you can use the formats menus to find all instances of a family and set them all the same size.

Depending on how you set up and apply style sheets you can find that not all the instances will change – this seems to especially apply to tables – generally due to an errant character style.


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