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Old Alitalia logo

Does anybody know which font was used as the main logo on all Alitalia planes from about 1958 to 1969? The closest match I found so far (without inner stripes, of course) is Diamanti Diagonal EF Heavy.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Part of the mentioned inner stripes, it looks very generic to me. You could do the same using Avant-Garde Gothic Bold Oblique (I like the lower crossbar /A), Futura Bold Oblique, even Helvetica Black Oblique (created in 1957) could work.

Thanks Ryuk for your suggestions, but it is not so simple...
Below an exemple of the fonts you mentioned, along with the original one:

The search continues...

You just need to manually slant it more and may be squooshed it a bit. That's also why it is called a logotype ;)

Berthold, H/HelveticaDiagonalBQ
Then artificially oblique it further.

Another vote for Helvetica!